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My Journey

Around 2008 to 2013 prior to learning about PSYCH-K® I had finally come to the realisation, or maybe for the first time in my life I was being honest with myself, that my life was not how I had wanted it to be. Whilst I had a good job that paid well and good friends, I found myself wishing that I could do something that was more rewarding to me, something that I loved doing, something that made a difference not only in my life, but other people’s lives as well.

It was during this time that I had found that there was always something holding me back every time I wanted to move ahead in my life. I was getting more and more frustrated with myself, I knew that if change was to happen, I was the only one who could make those changes. So I started to look at myself more closely to see if I could figure out why I do the things I do. I started to see the conflicting patterns occurring in my life in areas of business, relationships, money, etc. In these areas I knew what I wanted and would work hard towards achieving what I wanted, but then I would either run away, do something silly or just stop doing what I knew I needed to do to achieve success. I was angry with myself for not following through on my goals, I was confused at my actions and frustrated because after seeing the patterns occurring I didn’t know what caused the patterns or how I could change those patterns.

I saw counsellors to get some insight, but what I found instead was that they would give me an impressive sounding label to describe what I was experiencing and at the same time would excuse me from taking responsibility for my actions. This to me was unacceptable as I had enough sense to know that “if it is to be, it’s up to me”. So I started to look for ways that I could change these patterns from what they were, in to what I wanted them to be.

This is where I found that having an inquisitive and open mind is a blessing. I began to research and be trained in different modalities which resonated with me and seemed to show promising results in the areas I wanted to focus on. It was during my research in to personal development that I began to finally understand that our perceptions/beliefs determined our thoughts, which then impacted on our behaviours, creating the patterns in our lives. I had finally figured out what was causing the patterns in my life. Now, I had to figure out a way to change them.

In the sphere of personal development there are countless techniques that claim to create long-lasting change. Whether or not these techniques work, is not for me to decide nor what this ‘About Me’ section is for. I do know however, from my experience, what made the biggest impact in my life.

I researched and used EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique which is a fantastic and powerful technique for removing the emotional charge around situations that have happened in ones life. I found EFT to be highly effective, but while it removed or reduced the emotional charge around a situation I had experienced, it didn’t stop me from repeating the behaviours that would cause the same pattern to reoccur in my life.

I used Affirmations for many years. These are great, but require a lot of discipline to be effective. What I found with me was that there were deeper issues that weren’t being addressed. I felt as though there was only minimal changes if any occurring in my life and that these changes were taking a really long time to manifest. I found myself getting more frustrated as the affirmation I was stating didn’t feel like it was aligned with who I was and that I was somehow kidding myself regardless of how dedicated I was.

I thought that maybe I just lacked the discipline to pull it off, but as it turns out I have come across very few people that can really pull off affirmations. Those that I have met that seem to use affirmations successfully, seem to have made changes in their lives in the areas that their affirmations are focused on while self-sabotaging patterns continue to occur in other areas of their life. Such as they may be able to improve their financial situation but their relationships still aren’t where they would like them to be.

While these processes and techniques can be powerful and have made significant changes in other people’s lives I found that they didn’t make a significant or lasting impact in my life.

In 2013 I came across a talk by Dr. Bruce Lipton titled the Biology of Belief, this focused on his work in epigenetics which I found to be absolutely fascinating. It was while talking with a trusted friend of mine who is a health care professional about Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, she mentioned PSYCH–K® and how Dr Bruce Lipton was using it. My friend also mentioned that she done the basic training course and was using it in her life, finding tremendous lasting changes occurring within herself.

Knowing that I was looking for something that would give me the ability to make the changes that I desired, she mentioned an upcoming PSYCH–K® workshop in June 2013 that I could do. I jumped at the opportunity to do the workshop and I am so thankful that I did and I am so eternally grateful to my friend for telling me about the PSYCH–K® workshop. I have been and continue to be astonished by the results I have been getting in my personal life and in the lives of people I have worked with. While I originally started using PSYCH–K® to help me change, it also opened the door for me to help others as well.

In 2016 I did a refresher course in PSYCH–K® and then went on to do the more advanced PSYCH–K® workshops which have given me a bigger tool kit to help others as well as provide me with a deeper understanding of how our perceptions/beliefs impact on our lives. The changes I have seen in my own life as well as the friends and clients I have worked with, has been nothing short of transformational. I have to admit that using PSYCH–K®, working with people and seeing the changes in their lives has been the most fulfilling and fun thing I have done.

Whilst PSYCH–K® is not a magic bullet and should never replace medical treatments, Like all holistic techniques, the results vary from person to person and are directly proportionate to the individuals desire to change as well as how honest they are willing to be with themselves.

If you want change in your life and want to remove the mental and emotional road blocks that may be holding you back then I would love to meet you and work with you to help you define and achieve your version of success.

I have now worked with:

Children as young as 8 years old, I have seen them change from shy and apprehensive to lively relaxed and fun loving.
People in sports and fitness aged between 32 and 50, I have seen them change from anxious and doubting their abilities to perform, to being relaxed, trusting themselves and having fun.
Professional Business People and Network Marketers overcoming fears and anxieties that have held them back. As well as working with business people in their 40’s and late 60’s who have been subjected to extreme stress through business downturns and other pressures, helping them to find peace, renewed motivation and seeing them achieving the results they desired.
People with low self-esteem and poor body image, seeing them change so now they accept themselves and find motivation to form new healthy habits.
People who have been battling with long periods of sadness, anxiety, feeling hopeless, being frustrated and socially isolated to feeling like they now have control of their life, even embracing life for the first time in a long time and strengthening their friendships.

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